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The Greenwald Family Impact Fund (“TGFIF”) connects communities with resources and human capital needed to scale and thrive. TGFIF advances this mission by fostering strategic partnerships, identifying new solutions, cultivating community-driven change and empowering young people through volunteer service.

Our student leadership programming gives young people an opportunity to impact families and communities in powerful ways. Students engage in thoughtful conversations while participating in volunteer service.

Topics of discussion include disaster preparedness and response, community building and collaboration, teamwork and personal leadership styles – and how to take meaningful action to be part of solutions for challenges facing their communities and impoverished countries around the world.

Students work individually and together in teams to assemble emergency relief kits containing essential supplies for survival and comfort. These critical items are distributed throughout South Florida, across the US and around the world to communities significantly impacted by hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Our model empowers young people to learn how to lead by first learning how to serve – inspiring a spirit of altruism, deepened understanding and awareness and greater empathy for others.



The physical assembly of the emergency relief kits takes place in a safe and secure environment at our Doral, FL warehousing facilities.

In the Classroom
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