Focus Areas


Inspired by the collaborative spirit of the Abraham Accords, The Greenwald Family Impact Foundation (TGFIF) has constructed a 5-strategic plan impact vision with sincere belief that people can accomplish anything when given opportunity and encouragement. The TGFIF Vision details immediate priorities, our unique “smart partnerships model” and a roadmap to advance our mission of empowering people and community-led change worldwide.

Mountaineous Landscape


Establishing a thriving and sustainable environment.


Capacity Building

Strengthening the philanthropic and impact investment ecosystem.

Forest Fire

Disaster Response

Assisting communities impacted by natural disasters.

Community Service


Partnering with targeted communities to further shared common goals.

Our "Smart Partnerships" Model

TGFIF creates impact by raising awareness and funds for key initiatives, advancing collaborations and building capacity for philanthropy, external relations and innovative thinking. We are committed to developing innovative approaches and building new partnerships that bring people, resources and ideas together – across government, local communities and the private and philanthropic sectors.


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