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Malnutrition is a pervasive issue through the world, with many children struggling to access nutritious food on a regular basis. This lack of access to proper nutrition can lead to serious health issues, including; developmental impairment, compromised immune systems and increased risk of chronic diseases.


TGFIF is addressing this is issue through its TFP.


We manufacture and provide highly nutritious Nutri-Plenty® meals.


The meals are a dehydrated mix of rice, soy, veggies and fortified with powerful micronutrients. Each meal provides clinically proven essential nutrition that aids to offset chronic malnutrition in children.


TGFIF partners with domestic and international organizations to make TFP available to cost effectively, address basic nutritional needs.

0.35 cents per serving

A portion of proceeds goes to support TGFIF and its impact partners.


Volunteering can be a meaningful opportunity for student leaders, businesses and community groups to get involved and give back.


In the immediate aftermath of natural disasters, items such as food, water, clothing, personal hygiene and medical supplies are critical. Monetary donations assist to offset shipping and logistics.

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